Highlight of BLT | BLT New Modernized and Intelligent Scientific Base Launched


April 30th, 2015 witnessed the official commencement of the construction project of BLT’s new base. The project focuses on the R&D and industrialization of metal 3D printing products, equipment, and raw materials. The construction of the demonstration base of high-level technological innovation, R&D verification and industrialization will continuously improve the industrialization process and level of 3D printing technology. The successful commencement of the project marks a solid step of BLT's in the industrialization of 3D printing. 

The project has a total investment of 205 million Yuan, covering an area of 50 mu(1 mu=0.0667 hectares) and a new construction area of about 40,000 square meters. One new integrated factory building, one living building, two buildings of production workshops, and one building of equipment manufacturing workshops will be built at one time.

The completion of the project, while promoting the development of the 3D printing industry will certainly drive the development of upstream and downstream related industries, form new high-tech industrial clusters, generate radiation amplification effects, and achieve more significant economic benefits.

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