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On September 21st, the Global Suppliers Conference of Airbus Group (“Airbus” for short) was held in Tianjin, China. More than 300 global suppliers of Airbus gathered together in Tianjin to talk about the beautiful future. 

Xi’an BLT Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. (“BLT” for short) has begun its cooperation with Airbus since 2013. BLT was invited to participate in the Global Suppliers Conference of Airbus as the only supplier of 3D printing technology. At the conference, BLT attracted high attention with its 3D printing of light-weight and super-large-dimension components displayed in the exhibition area; it also came into focus at the summit forum as an innovative and entrepreneurial enterprise. Jia Xin, the Deputy General Manager of BLT, was invited to attend the theme summit forum, which fully displayed the emphasis placed by Airbus on metal 3D printing. 


At the special activity-“Doing Business in China” Summit Forum of Airbus, BLT, AVIC and Aleris had discussion with Airbus concerning the “Business Strategy and Win-win Cooperation in the Chinese Market”, hosted by Francois Mery from Airbus. Director of AVIC Civil Aircraft Industry Department Pang Zhen, VP of Aleris Ingo Kroepfl, and Deputy General Manager of BLT Jia Xin, discussed problems including “how to carry out commercial activities in China; the willingness and path of Chinese suppliers to support the globalization strategy of Airbus, etc.”, and shared experience and inspirations from the actual practice of the company. 


jpeg_tp=webp&wxfrom=5&wx_lazy=1.webp (1).jpgBLT Deputy General Manager Jia Xin at the Summit Forum of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Enterprises

Although Xi’an BLT Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. is a newly established company with only 280 employees, it has more than 60 sets of metal 3D printing equipment which can print components of dimensions ranging from 1mm to 3m. BLT team is specialized in the total solution of metal 3D printing with more than 20 years’ experience. With over 50% of the R&D and management staff having the master degree and above, BLT can always maintain its curiosity and openness with youth and vigor, and realize further progress based on profound knowledge. BLT hopes to realize positive communication and deep cooperation with more European and transnational enterprises. 

After the forum, the Senior Vice President of Airbus led a delegation to visit the exhibition booth of BLT, in order to have a deep understanding of the application of BLT’s metal 3D printing technology in the aerospace field. BLT was under the spotlight of the exhibition with its metal 3D printing of large-size components with a diameter of 600mm. The exhibits with a fillet of only 80mm and the skillful application of lightweight design with topological structure brought more technical inspirations for Airbus. 

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The Delegation Led by Airbus Senior VP Visited BLT’s Exhibition Booth for In-depth Understanding and Communication

The invitation by Airbus Group indicated its recognition and encouragement of BLT. In future, BLT will continue to create values for customers wholeheartedly, and offer high-quality products and high-level services for the international market. 

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