International Cooperation | VP of Safran Group Turbomeca Firm Thierry MANTEL Visited BLT


On March 10th, 2014, the Vice President of Safran Group Turbomeca Firm and General Manager of Turbomeca China Thierry MANTEL led a delegation to visit BLT. 


BLT General Manager Xue Lei accompanied the delegation led by Mr. MANTEL to visit the workshops and showrooms of the company, and had a symposium with the delegation. During the symposium, General Manager Xue mainly introduced the recent development of technology and equipment, as well as the future development planning of the company. Mr. MANTEL said that the achievements made by BLT in metal 3D printing left a deep impression on him, and 3D printing technology could directly and effectively solve the existing difficulties in the manufacture and repair of aero-engine components. Meanwhile, he also hoped that the two parties could make concerted efforts to reach consensus and realize cooperation in relevant projects since there was great potential for mutual cooperation. 

Turbomeca Firm is one of the subsidiaries of Safran Group. Safran Group is a large-scale aerospace enterprise group listed in the Global Fortune 500 with an annual sales volume of 11.3 billion, ranking the third in the aerospace field in Europe. The Group has extensive business cooperation with China in the aviation, aerospace, defense and communication fields, and many significant cooperation and investment projects in China. Over 60% of airplanes and helicopters in China use the engines and relevant equipment of Safran Group. 

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