Forces Joined for a Common Dream | BLT and AECC CAE Signed a Strategic Cooperation Deal on Lingang Aeroengine Industry


On August 18th 2017, five companies including Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. (BLT), together with Aero Engine Corporation of China Shanghai Commercial Aircraft Engine Manufacturing Co. Ltd (AECC CAEM) and Shanghai Lingang Area Development and Construction Administrative Committee (Lingang Administrative Committee) held the signing ceremony of Shanghai Lingang aeroengine industry 1+Nstrategic agreement themed join forces to build a shared dream in AECC CAE Lingang Base. Presents are leaders and representatives including Chen Jie, a member of the standing committee of Pudong New Area and Party Secretary and Executive Deputy Director of Lingang Administrative Committee, Lingang Group Vice-president Xu Bin, AECC CAEM Party Secretary and President Zhang Yujin, and BLT GM Xue Lei.

With the strong support of Lingang Administrative Committee and its Economic and Trade Office plus AECC Headquarters, AECC CAE, a leading aeroengine enterprise in Lingang, cooperatively introduces related supporting enterprises to settle in and actively explore supplier resources to formulate strategic cooperation intention with five companies including BLT.

This signing will help advance the 1520 strategic plan for the civil aviation industry in Lingang Industrial Zone to form an aviation industry productivity layout with aircraft engines as the core. AECC CAE positively responds and implements the national military-civilian integration development strategy. It settled companies including BLT on their superior technical strength and development prospects. The conclusion of this strategic cooperation agreement will lead to closer B-to-B cooperation and a demonstration effect, forming great significance to the development of Lingang aviation industry and participants.


The signing ceremony was presided over by Chen Guoqing, Party Secretary and Deputy GM of AECC CAE. After briefing on the signing background, representatives from five companies including AECC CAE GM and Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Yu, Lingang Administrative Committee Deputy Director Wu Xiaohua and BIT GM Xue Lei signed the Framework Agreement on the Establishment of a Cooperative Mechanism to Further Promote the Development of Aerial Engine Industry in Lingang.

According to AECC CAE President Zhang Yujin, BIT is a technical resource as scarce like a pearl and AECC CAE is willing to join forces for emerging industries with shared efforts and risks, aiming at a win-win situation and better implementation of this strategic framework agreement.


AECC CAE, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd., mainly engages in the development, production, assembly, testing, sales, and services of commercial engines and related products. Leaders from Lingang Group, COMAC, SJTU Corporation, CLET, XIOPM, Micromach and AECC Headquarters attended this event.

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