Leadership Care | BLT Pioneered in Response to the National Call


On October 21st, 2015, accompanied by Wan Gang, the former MOST Minister, Liu Yandong, the former member of CPC Central Committee, State Council Vice-Premier and Party member met representatives and held a symposium on technology leads to innovation and entrepreneurship.” Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. (BLT) was invited to the symposium as the champion of the Advanced Manufacturing Group of the Third China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Before the symposium, Liu Yandong stopped in front of representative projects and talked to the leaders.

During the symposium, Liu Yandong summarized three major entrepreneurship periods since the founding of the Peoples Republic of China: the boom in migrating into cities during the reform and opening up, the boom in starting business in the early 1990s, and innovation and entrepreneurship now. The current wave will inspire the wisdom of millions of people. She elaborated the significance and spirit of mass entrepreneurship and innovation from three aspects. First, it is a general trend to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The downturn Chinese economy is stable with good momentum. The decision to make innovation as the real first driving force is in line with the trend of the times and registers basis and direction. As scheduled, to rank among innovative countries in 2020 and come out ahead from the rock and hard international environment, we must speed up innovation, encourage entrepreneurship, and release policies as support. Second, technology innovation is the core driving force of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. For faster transformation of technology results, we must combine technology and economy to urge alignment between research results in universities and institutes and the market. We must bring technology into the main battlefield of the economy! Third, as an effective path to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, mass entrepreneurship and innovation are expected to mobilize the vitality of the society, so that people can be rich through such a platform. In the end, Liu Yandong said that in the big wave of entrepreneurship, surely only few can win out, but the importance of mass entrepreneurship and innovation is to stimulate the entire society, demonstrate collective wisdom and release market vitality under the guidance of governments at all levels and the support of policies, so that the market can grow in a diverse and blowout manner like ten thousand horses galloping ahead.



After the symposium, Liu Yandong appeared at the scene of the first Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week. BLT was an important visit point as a participant in both the symposium and the Week event. In combination with the exchanges before the symposium, Liu Yandong asked about the international position of BLTs technology with concern. BLT GM Xue Lei said that 3D printing is a rare technology with small gaps between China and the world and through the development of nearly 20 years, BLT now boasts a narrowing industrialization gap with European and American nations and better performance in some technical aspects.

BLT’s unremitting efforts and continuous innovation will make it in the forefront of 3D printing industry in the world. To this end, BLT has been under preparation. Firstly, BLT strengthens continuous innovation by increasing R&D inputs and talent training to build into a state-level metal 3D printing R&D team. Secondly, by the end of 2016, BLT will complete new factories covering 40,000m2 and by 2017, there will be 100 set of 3D printing equipment for services and BLT will be built into Chinas largest demonstration base for the industrialization of metal 3D printing.

Technicians play a critical role in national development and shoulders several missions like social responsibility, economic development, and scientific research. BLT will always keep in mind the call of the times, earnestly and diligently engage in its due research and production and make contributions to Made in China 2025! 

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