Retrospect to 2017 | BLT Carries a Bone in the Teeth


#Retrospect to 2017#

Chinas first home-built aircraft carrier started sea trials. C-919, a large Chinese passenger jet, completed its first successful flight. CR rails were open to public. Chinas four great inventions in modern times had deep influence the worlds development. The Global Hard & Core Technology Conference was inaugurated in Xian. Twelve departments jointly issued the Additive Manufacturing Industry Development Action Plan (2017-2020).

In 2017, there were innumerable good news about science and technology.

#Retrospect to 2017# 

BLT focuses on developing metal additive manufacturing materials and tapping deep into applications to challenge the printing limits. BLT will stay straight to all difficulties and hardships in this changing market.

BLTs lines of business include metal 3D printing services, equipment, raw materials, and process design and development, forming a complete metal 3D printing industry chain. BLT now boasts 60+ sets of laser manufacturing and remanufacturing equipment. Forming materials include titanium alloy, high-temperature alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, mold steel, and high-strength steel, involving more than 50 kinds of materials. BLT has applied for 53 patents related to the manufacturing technology of metal additive materials.

Great efforts to the aerospace cause


On May 5th, C-919 completed its first successful flight. The BLT-printed front and rear flanges on its central wing played an important role in the R&D period. Metal 3D printing shortened the R&D cycle on the premise of ensuring the performance required by a large jet to boost the first flight of C919.


On August 18th, five companies including BLT signed the 1+N strategic agreement for Lingang aero-engine industry with AECC CAEM and Lingang Administrative Committee.


On September 21st, BLT was invited as the only 3D printing technology provider to the Airbus Summit Form themed Doing Business in China and discussed aboutBusiness Strategies and Win-win Cooperation in Chinese Market with AVIC, Aleris and Airbus.


On September 24th, InnoTech EXPO 2017- Exhibition of Chinese Civilization and STI Achievements was held in Hong Kong. The expo was organized by Hong Kong Foundation, with support from MOST, CAS, Innovation and Technology Bureau, Education Bureau and Home Affairs Bureau of Hong Kong, and Education and Science Department of the Liaison Office of Central Peoples Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR). BLT presented as the only additive material manufacturer and showed Chinas independent development level and aerospace applications of additive material manufacturing.

Intelligent manufacturing to lead the way

On September 14th, the 2017 intelligent manufacturing pilot projects were released in accordance with the Circular of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Informatization on the Recommended 2017 Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Projects (Gong Xin Ting Zhuang Han [2017] No. 215). BLT’s pilot intelligent plant for metal additive manufacturing pilot intelligent plant is the only 3D printing project out of 98.

BLT was also awarded the Shaanxi Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Enterprise issued by Shaanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology.


Innovative development to challenge the limits

On March 8th, at the TCT Asia Summit, BLT launched Chinas first multiple-beam SLM metal 3D printer BLT-S320 featuring 40% better in efficiency than single laser printers of other presents, which have significantly costed the manufacturing of components down.

In 2017, for different applications, BLT also developed BLT-S400 (double-beam), BLT-S500 (four-beam), BLT-S600 (four-beam), etc. up to international leading level whether in efficiency or size.

In 2017, BLT broke through several printing materials and also challenged the printing size limits of getting exactly what is expected.


Worlds largest SLM shaped process component blade printed by BLT at the 2017 FORMNEXT


Former Minister of Ministry of Aerospace Industry Lin Zongtang is watching the BLT-printed aero-engine fan blade


BLT-printed metal soft braided structure

Penetration in application to pursue inter-industry cooperation

In 2017, in addition to providing outstanding services for customers in industries like aviation, aerospace, medicine, molding, automotive, electronics and energy power, BLT launched several titanium alloy jewelries in cooperation with XUBERANCE, which caused concern from many sectors such as design and material manufacturing.


Inspiration Titanium Alloy Brooch


Slow Heart Titanium Alloy Pendant

Production-learning alignment to reach partnership between BLT and Universities

In November, the pillar parts of BIT Racing Black Shark sponsored by BLT have reduced 20% of weight but increased 140% in intensity. The gross mass is within 163kg, 14% lighter than the version in the last year, propelling this racecar as the lightest one since FSC was held eight years ago.


In addition, in 2017, BLTs equipment entered over ten well-known universities like Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Jinan University, and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology as well as some vocational colleges including Gansu Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and Suzhou Vocational University. Different types of commercial equipment are also exerting advantages in professional scientific research and education.

Leadership surveys to convey care and praise

Leaders of such government departments as MIIT, SASTIND, CNSA, NOSTA and MOE visited BLT to know its equipment developed independently, metal-made components of diverse sizes and types, construction of production lines, and development.

Outstanding performance to win prizes at home and abroad

In May, BLT won the Annual OEM Prize at the First Annual 3D Printing Industry Award as Chinas only metal 3D printing enterprise.


In December, at the First China Industrial Design Exhibition, among 200+ participating works, BLT-S310, together with the works of 12 companies such as CRRC, COMAC, Media, Haier and Xiaomi, was awarded the First China Outstanding Industrial Design Work Prize.

Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, with firm strides we are crossing its summit.

Having summarized deficiencies and results in 2017,

BLT will start onto the new path with mighty efforts in 2018

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