Penetration in Application | BLT Launched the Slow Heart Titanium Alloy Jewelries in Cooperation with XUBERANCE


Days were so slow in the past that one key can only open one heart lock.

Road is so long that only by tenacious power can walk it through.


In 1795, German chemist M.H Klaproth discovered titanium in studying TiO2 and named it after Titans, the son of the Earth in Greek mythology (Ti in Chinese according to the transliteration of its original name). In ancient Greece, Titans spirit means marching forward courageously, so the name titanium indicates natural strength.

Born to be special, Ti features extremely light texture but toughness and corrosion resistance. It does not turn black like silver but maintains its true color at normal temperature for ever. The unique silver grey contributes to its good performance in high polish, mercerization and matte. Ti is the third most internationally popular metal material suitable for jewelries only to platinum and gold, two precious ones.

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Ti is hard to be processed due to its poor formability, but the exclusive superiority of metal 3D printing in forming process makes it possible to create Ti into accessories of various shapes.

As metal 3D printing technology advances, titanium alloy has been widely applied to aerospace, military precision parts and medical human implants. Ti is the first choice for anti-allergic jewelries as its good biocompatibility and stability can prevent any adverse effect on skin, nerves, and taste after long-term contact with human bodies.


The light and tough titanium symbolizes the bravery spirit of embracing difficulties and hardships without remorse, represents the simplest life idea of being faithful to your heart even after gaining fruitful results, and mirrors the love maxim of nothing changes unswerving love.

We hope that Slow Heart Titanium Alloy Jewelries designed by XUBERANCE, printed by BLT-S200 and well-polished by BLT R&D team can warm this inclement winter and wait for an unshakable brave heart. 

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