BLT Performed Impressively at the Hot Hard & Core Technology Conference in Xi’an


During November 7-8th, Xian witnessed the 2017 Global Hard & Core Technology Conference with eight Hard & Core technology industries as the core and Hard & Core Technology Changes the World, Leads the Future and Promotes Xian as the theme. The conference aims to explore rare opportunities and share development dividends with all sectors of society focusing on the driving forces and sources that promote eco-social progress rooted in Xian abundant technology resources, rich industrial development base and prominent state-level strategic position.


Hard & Core Technology is a highly sophisticated original technology requires independent development in many cases, long-term research input, continuous accumulation. Its high technical thresholds and technical barriers make copy and imitation difficult. With clear application products and industrial foundation, Hard & Core technology exerts a strong guiding and supporting role in industrial development as a driving force and source for the worlds progress.

Eight Hard & Core technologies show a sound momentum of growth in Xian, the conceptual birthplace of Hard & Core technology. They are artificial intelligence, aerospace, photonic chips, new materials, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, information technology and bio-technology.


With veritable Hard & Core technologies, BLT gets ahead in aerospace applications, new materials development, smart manufacturing, etc.

Intelligent Manufacturing

▼ 2017 intelligent manufacturing pilot project undertaker

On September 14th, 2017, the 2017 intelligent manufacturing pilot projects were released according to the Circular of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Informatization on the Recommended 2017 Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Projects (Gong Xin Ting Zhuang Han [2017] No. 215). BLTs pilot intelligent plant for metal additive manufacturing pilot intelligent plant is the only 3D printing project out of 98.


▼ First-batch member of Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance

The Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance was founded in Shenzhen on April 9th, 2016. It aims to work to boost the alignment between Made in China 2025 and Industrial 4.0 for substantial steps in bilateral intelligent manufacturing cooperation. The first-batch members of this Appliance co-initiated by CCID and CIE include 60+ well-known companies such as BLT, Haier, Huawei, SAP, SMTCL, BOSCH, SANY, Phoenix, NXP, OneNET and XCMG Information, and scientific research institutions, universities and industry organizations like CAICT, ESI, BUAA, CAM and CIDA.


BLT currently serves more than 100 aerospace customers such as AVIC, AECC, CASIC, CASC, COMAC, AECC CAE, Airbus, Safran and GE. In 2011, BLT and COMAC cooperatively trialed 3D printing technology to titanium alloy printing flange installed on C919.

This part is the first super-sized metal 3D printing part on civil plane in China. This 3070mm-tall flange uses LSF forming technology and has proved to satisfy the design requirements for C919 after passing COMACs five performance tests. With comprehensive performance (even including fatigue performance) better than that of forgings, this part boasts strength consistency (2%) better than COMACs standard 5%, embody that BLTs printing level can represent the upper metal 3D printing limit of aircraft parts in China.

▼ World’s longest central flange for C919




On September 21st, 2017, BLT presented the Airbus Global Supplier Conference as the only 3D printing technology provider and then was invited to the Summit Form themedDoing Business in China to discuss about Business Strategies and Win-win Cooperation in Chinese Marketwith AVIC, Aleris and Airbus.

BLT has been focusing on metal additive manufacturing for years as the largest and most technically powerful metal 3D printing integrated solution provider in China. Freer design and simpler manufacturing has always been the vision of BLT. BLT will stay true to its original intention and missions and grow into Chinas top one Hard & Core technology vanguard that leads the world.

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