BLT‘s Honor | Chairman Huang Weidong, General Manager Xue Lei Won the First Innovative Person of Xi'an


In order to promote a new situation of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Xi'an, to further strengthen the work of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation,  to enhance the awareness of independent innovation, to encourage society to respect innovation and entrepreneurship and technological innovation, "Top Ten Innovative Persons in Xi'an", "Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Xi'an" and "Top Ten Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurs in Xi'an" have  announced on April 13, 2018.  Pro. Huang Weidong,  Chairman of Bright Laser Technologies, and professor of Northwest Polytechnic University, was awarded the "Top Ten Innovative Persons in Xi'an". Dr. Xue Lei, general manager of Bright Laser Technologies, was awarded the "Top Ten Technological Entrepreneurs in Xi'an".

"Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development". With more than 20 years' experience in manufacturing metal additive, Bright Laser Technologies' scientific research team insists on scientific research and technological innovation, which is an important reason for the team to overcome one scientific research problem after another, as well as to obtain important subject and project.

Since it's establishment in 2011, Bright Laser Technologies has applied for 137 patents related to Additional Material Manufacturing, also has made some achievements in technological innovation, design innovation and management innovation. The BLT series equipment of Bright Laser Technologies is constantly seeking technological breakthroughs and equipment upgrading. At present, the equipment successfully put into market covering SLM forming process equipment such as single laser, double lasers and four lasers, and LSF forming process equipment with maximum forming size of 1500mm*1000mm*3000mm. Bright Laser Technologies adheres to the market-oriented, technological innovation as the core, and responds to the special needs of the industrial mold market and dental processing market. In 2018, it launched special models BLT-A100 and BLT-A300 for dental and mold production. The Bright Laser Technologies' R&D team is keen on innovation in technology and parameters, constantly breaking through the printing limit, and achieving "what you want is what you get" between "bigger" size and "smaller" size.

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In 2015,  as a representative of scientific and technological entrepreneurship, Bright Laser Technologies took the self-developed metal 3D printing equipment BLT-S300 and printing products to Beijing to participate in the exhibition, and launched a dialogue with Premier Li Keqiang on " Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation ". Bright Laser Technologies is the only industrial-grade 3D printing company to participate in Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week's main venue in 2015. It is also the first stop of Li Keqiang's visit.

In September 2017, as a representative of the independent R&D level of China's additive manufacturing, Bright Laser Technologies participated in the exhibition "Science Creation Expo 2017——Chinese Nation's Scientific & Technological Civilization and Innovation" , Sharing with Hong Kong compatriots the achievements of scientific and technological innovation of the Chinese nation.

"Implementing innovation-driven development strategy is to promote comprehensive innovation with scientific and technological innovation as the core." Bright Laser Technologies will also deepen "innovation and development" into enterprise DNA, promote enterprise management innovation, technological innovation, design innovation and personnel innovation, and bring innovation with development to create new achievements.

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