Bright Laser Technologies went to the AirShow China the third time to show cost-effective metal 3D printing products



During  November 6th to 11th , Bright Laser Technologies went to the AirShow China the third time to make a new appearance at the 12th  AirShow China.

Bigger than Bigger

More Engineering Application Optimization Design Parts

BLT is constantly challenging itself, and its products constantly pursue "big, excellent, special and precision ", "big" refers to the large size of forming; "excellent" refers to the quality of good; "special" refers to new materials and special structures; " precision " refers to high precision, fine and delicate.

The manufacture of large complex thin-walled parts is very challenging for that various processing technologies, and stress, deformation and metallurgical defects are the main challenges.

At the 12th  AirShow China, BLT showed the "larger" size parts manufactured by WAAM technology (arc wire feeding technology), SLM technology (selective melting technology) and other metal additive manufacturing technology.






Inspection of BLT-400 and BLT-S310 at the AirShow

Cost and efficiency are the bottleneck factors affecting the application of 3D printing to mass production. Bright Laser Technologies has been making unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of "affordable". BLT-S400 is a double laser heading two-way POWDER-LAYING SLM device developed by BLT for mass printing production of parts. Its maximum forming size is 400*250*400 mm. Considering the quality requirements of aviation and aerospace, the forming materials include titanium alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy, superalloy, aluminium alloy, stainless steel, high-strength steel, die steel, etc.


BLT-S300/BLT-S310 series equipment is a professional metal 3D printing high-end equipment for high-end applications such as aerospace, aviation, aero-engine and so on. BLT-S300/BLT-S310 series equipment is supported by the National Key R&D Plan of the National Center for Scientific and Technological Research and Development "Additive Manufacturing and Laser Manufacturing". At the beginning of the design, it aims at aerospace models in quality standards and ensures high-performance parts manufacturing requirements. In print quality assurance, atmosphere control, safety protection and other aspects with a number of patented technologies. Since its launch, it has been tested and highly praised.




BLT creative production at the 12th AirShow China



BLT’s New Design Concept Exhibition




BLT’s Exhibition booth were crowded on professional days


About the 12th  AirShowChina

The indoor exhibition area of this air exhibition is over 100,000 square meters, an increase of 22% over the previous 82,000 square meters, with the addition of Hall10; the outdoor exhibition area is nearly 400,000 square meters, and the dynamic demonstration area of ground equipment has been expanded from 70,000 square meters to nearly 110,000 square meters; and more than 100 aircraft of all types at home and abroad have participated in the exhibition.



On November 6th, when the 12th Zhuhai Airlines launched its curtain, the J-10B fighter with a new type of vectored tail nozzle performed a wonderful single-plane flight performance, performing several difficult flight movements such as "falling leaves drifting" and "cobra maneuver".

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