BLT Show at the 20th DMP Dongguan International Mold and Metal Processing Exhibition


In August 2018, Bright Additive Manufacturing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd (BLT) was established to accelerate the expansion and application of metal 3D printing technology in mass manufacturing market. BLT (Shenzhen) will focus on the fields of mold, automobile, 3C, medical treatment and so on. With more than 20 years' experience in metal 3D printing technology, based on the needs of users in South China, it provides users with comprehensive solution of metal 3D printing.


The 12th DMP Dongguan International Mold and Metal Processing Exhibition is the first marketing stop for BLT (Shenzhen) market promotion. BLT (Shenzhen) will provide users from injection mold, die casting mold, stamping mold and other sub-fields with total solution of material design and development, equipment manufacturing, mold design and printing, post-processing and trial-production; optimization of heat transfer management and gas permeability of mold-related metal materials manufacturing, so as to improve efficiency, ensure yield, reduce investment and cost, and increase competition for users.


8BLT brought a large number of mold application exhibits and BLT-A300 to the DMP 201. BLT-A300 fully considers the quality, technology and cost requirements of customers in mold industry. Through the research and development and verification of metal additive manufacturing technicians day and night, BLT-A300 provides customers with professional solutions for its unique applications such as high efficiency, high polishing requirements and breathable steel.


BLT-A300, Special Design for Mold Application

Forming Dimension: 250*250*300mm

Applicable materials: die steel, high strength steel, stainless steel, superalloy, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy, etc.

Powder Layer Thickness: 20-50 μm

Equipment Software: Magics; BP; BLT-MCS; BLT-Slice-viewer


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