Bright Laser Technologies Users Meeting2018 Welcome All of the Guests


The Bright Laser Technologies Users Meeting 2018 was held in the BLT’s New Area, No.1000 Shanglinyuan Seven Road, High-tech Zone, Xi'an from July 6th  to 7th , 2018. More than 100 BLT’s users from aerospace, electronics, engines, automobiles and industrial mold gathered in the BLT’s New Area to have wonderful conference for a better future. This is the first batch of users to come to BLT’s more than 40,000 square meters professional application  new intelligent industrial base after its whole moving in July 2018 .



During the Bright Laser Technologies Users Meeting 2018, Professor Huang Weidong, Professor of Northwest Polytechnic University and Chairman of Bright Laser Technologies , shared the observation of the current era of change and the forecast of the development situation of the additive manufacturing. Dr. Xue Lei, General Manager of Bright Laser Techonologies, reported the latest development and future layout of BLT to users to enhance their understanding and boost users’  confidence.



BLT Collaborative Research Institute of Innovation Design, which works with Northwest Polytechnic University and several national design centers, was also unveiled on July 6th . BLT Collaborative Research Institute of Innovation Design will be based on BLT's metal additive technology and complete solution to promote the collaborative development of innovative design in many fields, such as optimization design, industrial design and so on. With innovative design as the driving force, it will focus on product innovation service and integration of production, education and research, solve technical problems, improve production efficiency, enhance manufacturing level, and promote the industrialization of printing technology for additive manufacturing. 


During the sub-forum of "Aerospace" on the afternoon of July 6th and the sub-forum of  "Innovative Design " on July 7th , the industry authorities from various professional fields such as aerospace, aviation and innovative design, Zhao Xiaoming and Yang Donghui, deputy general managers of Bright Laser Technologies, Wang Jiajun, director of optimization design of the company, brought 13 high-level and high-quality thematic reports to share the application exploration and Research of metal additive manufacturing topredict the future development trend, inspire each other and collide with each other.


7.gifOn July 6th , 2011, Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. was registered in Xi'an. In the seventh year of development of Bright Laser Technologies, the company will adhere to the concept of "user-centered", constantly promote technological innovation and management innovation, with a more advanced, more international technical height, quality standards, service standards, to provide users with a complete set of solution for metal additive manufacturing and enabling users.


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