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BLT is a whole-package solution provider of metal 3D printing; BLT has accumulated rich experience in metal additive manufacturing through years of scientific research and production practice. BLT can provide all-round and highly professional metal 3D printing technical service while providing mental additive manufacturing of a series of dimensions and forming workmanship, including technical assessment on models and workmanship, data processing, re-design, printing, post-treatment and performance testing, etc.

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Principle & advantage of Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • 设计无障碍

    BLT can help designers achieve the design idea of “function goes first” by maximizing weight, integrating function and free design of complex shapes and realizing combined manufacturing with multiple materials.

  • 降低成本

    Small-batch trial production; parts can be rapidly formed without the need of molds; BLT can simplify and quicken the design process, shorten the R&D and production cycle and reduce material loss and energy consumption.

  • 设计无障碍

    Good-performance restoration and re-production can accelerate R&D process and improve service performance; fully digital production enable stable product quality and good flexibility

  • 降低成本

    Customization and one cycle for multiple iterations

Eight Technical Services Technical Service Procedure 技术服务流程 Customized Service
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